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Justin Lieberman

Justin Lieberman, Gastprofessor für Zeitbezogene Medien

Gastprofessor im Studienschwerpunkt Zeitbezogene Medien im Sommersemester 2018

Justin Lieberman (*1977) studierte an der Yale University, New Haven, sowie der School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston und unterrichtete u.a. am Queens College in New York, der Brandeis University Boston sowie an der Columbia University, New York. Zu seinen letzten Einzelausstellungen zählen u.a. Installation View, Galerie Christine Mayer, München (2016), 125 things, Kunstraum München (2015), Rowhouse Project, Baltimore (2014) und A Sentimental Journey, Rodolphe Janssen, Brüssel (2011).

Justin Lieberman is an artist and writer currently living in Munich. As is the case with nearly every living artist today, Lieberman's oeuvre is composed of an eclectic mish-mash of mediums, formats, and techniques, including such diverse sources and methods as the poetry of Bertolt Brecht, turtle care and feeding, and the medium of holiday-themed macaroni collage, sometimes represented through their conspicuous yet mysterious absence. His work often takes exception to existing categories and structures, including those of his own neurotic invention. His practice of folk storytelling tends towards epics of Wagnerian scale, particularly in representations of his everyday existence. His works have been exhibited at various and sundry fancy shoppes and galleries, museums and the like.