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Advice available for students

Studying also means being able to constantly motivate yourself afresh and organize yourself. So, what do you do if that doesn’t work out?

There are a number of people you can contact about any concerns within the university. These contact persons offer confidential advice in the event of problems, if studies are proving challenging or you encounter personal difficulties, exam anxieties, doubts, personal crises, conflicts, financial emergencies, disruptions to your study work, isolation or contact difficulties, identity crises or any other difficult situations.

Student advice telephone line

Tel. (040) 411 70 411 – daily from 20.00 to 24.00

Counseling centre

at the Uni Hamburg (also for students of the HFBK and the HfMT)

The psychotherapists at the Student Advice Centre are particularly familiar with issues related to living as a student. Students can go to them with personal issues that are impacting on their studies.

Equality representative

The equality representative is at the disposal of female and male students regarding issues of gender discrimination, harassment or sexual violence, and also regarding matters relating to a family-friendly art university, studying art with a child, and reconciling study and family.

Delegate for equality and persons of trust

Disabilities representatives

Trust committee of workshop supervisors

Members will be available to HFBK students in the event of disagreements on workshop use and access.

Committee of trust