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Goldsmiths Exhibition Exchange Project

Exhibition exchange project between the Art Department of the Goldsmiths, University of London, and the HFBK Hamburg

In 2010, an exhibition exchange took place between the Goldsmiths and the HFBK. It was organized by Roman Liška, a student of both universities. Ten Goldsmiths students and eleven HFBK students exhibited in each others' universities and in bars in each other's cities, stayed at each others' houses and supported each other, and got to know each others' university systems.

This very successful exchange project has been extended as a regular cooperative event:

Both universities send a group of up to 10 students to the other university once a year. The visiting students will stay with the resident students taking part in the programme. An exhibition of the visiting students' work – lasting perhaps three days – will be held on the premises of the host university. The exchange programme also includes group tutorials with professors and tutors of the host university. Travel costs are covered by the visitors’ own university.

Past Exhibitions:


6.–8. February 2020 in Hamburg

Rosa Brentnall, Sebastian Coates, Elizabeth Deacon, Aidan Hendrickse, Eve Jefferies, Aimee Lyon, Janaki Mistry, Lova Ranung, James Sibley, Babette Whiting

stay together for the kids

21. March 2019 in London
Marc Botschen, Xin Cheng, Elisa Goldammer, Iris Helena Hamers, Conrad Hübbe, Wonek Lee, Xinyi Li, Sofia Mascate, Chloe-Rose Purcell, Anna Stüdeli

How Much is a Chunk?

7.–9. February 2019 in Hamburg
Lynn Chang, Jeno Davies, Eilidh Delves, Kirsty Felix, Honey Hambley, Ollie Jacob, Anna Monkman, Andia Newton, Reuben Martindale, Noah Verbeeten

Abendstund hat Gold im Mund

15.–16. March 2018 in London

Noémi Barbaglia, Robert Bergmann, Luca Borsato, Max Eicke, Mara Ittel, Yi Li, Sohorab Rabbey, Franziska Windolf, Lars Witte, Julia Annelies Wycisk

Have Fun Be Kind

8. February 2018 in Hamburg
Rachel Ashton, Rafael Escardo Espejo, Phoebe Evans-Clarke, Alice Fraser, Amber Hahn, Charlie Hodgson, Minho Kim, Antonio Lopez Espinosa, Lisa Vigorelli, Tara White

Focal Point Within The Small Garden

16. March 2017 in London
Marvin Almaraz Dosal, Fabio Cirillo, Elisabeth Moch, Daniel Jasser, Lila-Zoé Krauß, Nina Kuttler, Anne Pflug, Pia Scheiner, Saskia Senge, Nina Zeljković | Fotos »


9.–11. February 2017 in Hamburg
Kobby Adi, Grace Collins, Rufus Genn, Scarlett Hirst, Tamao Narukawa, Conrad Pack, Violeta Paez Armando, Francesco Palombi, Cuan Roche, Mark Sequeira

Koryaka 1

16. March 2016 in London
Pachet Fulmen, Denis Kudrjasov, Shira Lewis, Takeo Marquardt, Stella Rossié, Caspar Sänger, Maximilian Schuch, Jonathan Spörke, Frieda Toranzo Jaeger, Xiyao Wang | Fotos »


18.–19. February 2016 in Hamburg
Clémentine Bedos, Abigail Brothers, Joseph Brown, Rosie Dowd-Smyth, Pietro Librizzi, Ione Milne, Paolo Mischenko, Jennifer Milner, Nan Moore, Lydia Wood

Cold Hands Warm Friends

18.–20. March 2015 in London
Marion Fink, Julie Gufler, Jonas Hinnerkort, Yu-Ling Hsueh, Charlotte Livine, Magdalena Los, David Reiber Otálora, Niclas Riepshoff, Wiebke Schwarzhans, Paul Spengemann | Fotos »

I Love The Water

18.–20. February 2015 in Hamburg
Kieran Carter, Michael Clements, Holly Hunter, Finn McKenna, Heather Reid, James Slattery, Daniel Tebano, Giulia Tommasi, Joshua Wirz, Margita Yankova

Journeys are made by the people you travel with

19. March 2014 in London
Charlotte Arnhold, Sungeun Choi, Gina Fischli, Jens Franke, Fion Pellacini, Judith Rau, Laura Schick, Pablo Schlumberger, Margot Zweers | Fotos »

To Fly To Serve

20.–21. February 2014 in Hamburg
Shristie Budhia, Minnie Casey, Maudie Gibbons, Jessie Harris, Sam Kenswil, Nayu Kim, Elsbeth King, Mark William Lewis, Jessica Mai Walker, Joseph Winter


13.–16. March 2013 in London
Katja Aufleger, Tomma Brook, Asana Fujikawa, Rachel Hughes, Claire Macé, Dominik Mayer, Fidel Morf, Kathrin Sohn, Sung Tieu, Tilman Walther


13.–15. February 2013 in Hamburg
Lauren Aldridge, Racheal Crowther, Rosie Hastings, Billy Howard, Martin Kozlowski, Daisy Parris, Charles Pryor, James Sturkey, Rosie Taylor, Jala Wahid

Top 10

15.–17. March 2012 in London
Andrea Becker-Weimann, Sarah-Christina Benthien, Barbara Dévény, Gerrit Frohne-Brinkmann, Constanze Kresta, Sung Won Moon, Alice Péragine, Ida Roscher, Yps Roth, Markus Ruscher

Kate Moss

15.–17. February 2012 in Hamburg
Maeve Brennan, Nicole Buning, Nicola Guy, Yujin Jung, Guthrie Mitton-McKellar, George Nesbitt, Jenny Nygren, David Shipway, Rebecca Voelcker, Jenny Wells

W. T. Fox - What The Fox

24.–25. March 2011 in London
Christiane Blattmann, Sonja Dürscheid, Lars Hinrichs, Konstanze Klecha, Annika Kahrs, Martin Meiser, Stefan Mildenberger, Julia Phillips, Aleen Solari, Johanna Tiedtke | Fotos »

Now I can Live

24.–27. February 2011 in Hamburg
Than Clark, James Connick, Isabel Denny, Elizabeth Greenaway, Drew Hoad, Dominic Humphries, William Joys, Beth Ka Lau, Hannah Regel, Anna Sebastian

Sie liebt dich

17.–20. March 2010 in London
Angela Anzi, Ina Arzensek, Till van Daalen, Marlene Denningmann, Max Frisinger, Verena Issel, Suse Itzel, Gitte Jabs, Nico Jungel, Sebastian Kubersky, Katharina Simons von Bockum-Dolffs, Anna Steinert | Fotos »

Komm, gib mir Deine Hand

16.–20. February 2010 in Hamburg
Mia-Nelle Drøschler, Sam Edkins, James Green, Rae Hicks, Emmie McLuskey, Marlon Rabenreither, Luis Rodríguez, Lauren Squires, Chloe Stead, Miho Tajima


You can apply for the Goldsmiths project to Mareike Stolley until 25 November 2019. Please submit the following documents (to the Pforte, mailbox “International Office”):

  • Portfolio
  • Short CV

In addition, your HFBK professor needs to support your participation by e-mail to

On 28 November 2019, the AG Internationales decides on your participation.


Semestereröffnung und Hiscox-Preisverleihung 2020

On the evening of November 4, the HFBK celebrated the opening of the academic year 2020/21 as well as the awarding of the Hiscox Art Prize in a livestream - offline with enough distance and yet together online.

Art defies Corona: Graduate Show 2020

With a two-month delay, the Graduate Show took place this year on the 19 and 20 September. More than 140 students showed their artistic graduation projects, from painting to sound installation.

Teaching Art Online at the HFBK

How the university brings together its artistic interdisciplinary study structure with digital formats and their possibilities.

New articles at is the social network of the HFBK. It opens a digital forum for exchange and discussion in which students, teachers, guest authors, art critics and the interested public provide a wide range of content and perspectives.

HFBK Graduate Survey

Studying art - and what comes next? The clichéd images stand their ground: Those who have studied art either become taxi drivers, work in a bar or marry rich. But only very few people could really live from art – especially in times of global crises. The HFBK Hamburg wanted to know more about this and commissioned the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences at the University of Hamburg to conduct a broad-based survey of its graduates from the last 15 years.

How political is Social Design?

Social Design, as its own claim is often formulated, wants to address social grievances and ideally change them. Therefore, it sees itself as critical of society – and at the same time optimizes the existing. So what is the political dimension of Social Design – is it a motor for change or does it contribute to stabilizing and normalizing existing injustices?

Annual Exhibition 2020 at the HFBK

The HFBK’s traditional annual exhibition („Jahresausstellung“) opens in February every year. For three days the students – from first-years to post-graduates – present a broad spectrum of their current work and projects from all the different departments. All classrooms, studios and halls in the building are used. Interested visitors are cordially invited to gain an impression of the art currently being created at the HFBK.