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Symposium: O Superman

A symposium on film, art, and politics to mark the departure from the HFBK of Michael Diers (Professor of Art History) and Wim Wenders (Professor of Narrative Film). The title of Laurie Anderson’s song from 1980 offers a self-ironic background for this shared retrospective and look forward to the future, created jointly with numerous international guests. At the same time, the symposium addresses questions concerning the task and role of art and art teaching in the current political situation.

Tuesday, 11. July 2017

17.00 h – Metropolis Kino, Kleine Theaterstraße 10
Film Screening »Heart of a Dog« (2015, 90 min)
by Laurie Anderson (Performance artist, musician, director, New York) with the artist
Welcome: Wim Wenders

19.00 h – Lerchenfeld 2, Raum 213 a/b
Exhibition opening: Chamber of Desires and Wonders
To mark Michael Diers’s departure, former and current work in progress in work students come together to give a joint presentation in the best tradition of this seminar’s annual exhibitions.

With: Eriks Apalais, Pascal Brinkmann, C.fA.D., Cordula Ditz, Marion Fink, Pachet Fulmen, Sho Hasegawa, Inga Kählke, Annika Kahrs, Hiroko Kameda, Henning Kles, Fritz Lehmann, Yi Li, Nicolas Lillo, Gerald Meißner, André Mulzer, Miwa Ogasawara, Katja Pilipenko, Patrick Sellmann (Farzar), Hua Tang, Hoda Tawakol, Daniel Vier, Xiyao Wang (Sissy), Sebastian Wiegand, Ting Zhang

19.30 h – Lerchenfeld 2, Aula
Welcome and opening
Martin Köttering (President HFBK Hamburg)

Looking forward (and back)
Hans Ulrich Obrist (Curator, artistic director, Serpentine Galleries, London) in conversation with Laurie Anderson, Wim Wenders and Michael Diers
Moderation: Antje Stahl (Art critic, Berlin)

»Candy Sounds« by Maximilian Schuch

Wednesday, 12. July 2017

11.30 h – Lerchenfeld 2, Room 229
Film screening »Werner Nekes – Das Leben zwischen den Bildern« (2017, 87 min)
by Ulrike Pfeiffer, followed by a talk with the director
Moderation: Michael Diers

13.30 h

14.30 h
Film and teaching – complexity, simple
How can one speak about a film? Is a canon required? In what kind of environment can interesting films be created? What proportion of the filmic work can be communicated? Is there a core of practical film learning?

A Panel with Barbara Albert (Director and co-founder of the production collective coop99, Professor of Directing Feature Films, Filmuniversität Konrad Wolf Potsdam Babelsberg), Thomas Heise (Documentary filmmaker, author and theatre director, Professor of Art and Film, Akademie der bildenden Künste Vienna), Michael Baute (Author, lecturer and media worker, Berlin) and Angela Schanelec (Director, Professor of Narrative Film, HFBK Hamburg)
Moderation: Luise Donschen (Director, Lecturer in the Film department, HFBK Hamburg)

16.30 h

17.00 h
ART and/or Politics, or: How political may/must art be (today)?
In recent years, discussion on the task of art in the context of politics and society has once again become more acute. Whilst one side wishes to keep art strictly distant from political intervention, seeing it as a danger to art’s autonomy and quality, the opposing side argues that, in a time of great political upheaval, artists should actively take up a position. These debates have been conducted in a heated manner, without mutual understanding. This podium discussion will pursue the question of whether a third way exists. Or perhaps a way beyond this unfortunate “either/or” situation?

A panel with Monica Bonvicini (Artist, Professor of Performative Art and Sculpture, Akademie der bildenden Künste Vienna), Adam Broomberg (Artist, Professor of Photography, HFBK Hamburg), Thomas Demand (Artist, Professor of Sculpture, HFBK Hamburg), Peter Geimer (Professor of Modern and Contemporary Art History, Freie Universität Berlin, Director of Center for Advanced Studies BildEvidenz. History and Aesthetics), Philipp Ruch (Author, director, artistic director of the Center for Political Beauty, Berlin) and Beat Wyss (Professor of Science of Art and Media-Theory, Hochschule für Gestaltung Karlsruhe)
Moderation: Michael Diers

19.00 h

19.30 h
Western Art: Unwillingly Mainstream
Keynote speech by Beat Wyss
Moderation: Antje Stahl (Art critic, Berlin)

21.00 h
Performance by Laurie Anderson
Moderation: Antje Stahl (Art critic, Berlin)

Afterwards – Lerchenfeld 2, Main hall
»The new black« Buffet and bar arranged by »art loves you project«

from 22.00 h – Lerchenfeld 2, Mensa-Vorraum
1 Night in Paname
Music and performance programme with Mikey Boy, Daniel Hopp, Utz Biesemann, Joey Bargeld, Tizian Baldinger, Marija Petrovic, Sophie Schweighart, Ronja Zschoche, Wassili Franco, Sprite Eyez, Cri$py C et al,
curated by Carina Lüschen

Idea + Concept: Michael Diers, Luise Donschen, Wim Wenders
Presentations in German and English, simultaneous interpretation into English

The symposium is funded by Rudolf Augstein Stiftung.
Technical support: avt plus media service