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University Senate

Members of the »Hochschulsenat«

Martin Köttering, president

Deputy chairman
Ingo Offermanns, vice president

Deputy chairwoman
Dr Bettina Uppenkamp, vice president

Faculty group
Raimund Bauer / Pia Stadtbäumer
Werner Büttner / Anselm Reyle
Jeanne Faust / Annika Larsson
Ingo Offermanns / Heike Mutter
Dr Hanne Loreck / Dr Michaela Ott
Udo Engel / Angela Schanelec
co-opted: Jesko Fezer / Dr Friedrich von Borries

Academic staff group
Tim Albrecht / Birgit Brandis
Lutz Jelinski / Ingrid Jäger

Student group
Olga Kosanovic / Marian Freistühler
Susanna Huber/Lara Molenda

Technical, library and administrative staff group
Bärbel Hartje / Carolin Fretwurst

Delegates for Equality
Ingrid Jäger / Heike Mutter

Scheduled Meetings WiSe 2019/20

24 October 2019
21 November 2019
19 December 2019
30 January 2020

at 14 h, room 213 a/b

Scheduled Meetings SuSe 2020

23 April 2020
28 May 2020
26 June 2020

at 14 h, room 213a/b

Tasks assigned to the University Senate

  • making decisions concerning the basic regulations and other regulations, insofar as these regulations do not specify any other responsibility,
  • selection or deselection of the president as well as participation in the appointment of the Hochschulrat,
  • confirming vice-presidents in office,
  • making decisions concerning arrangement, alteration and internal structure of autonomous departments, insofar as the decision does not belong to the appropriate faculty council,
  • making decisions concerning structure and development plans and their implementation in accordance with the Hochschulrat (University Council),
  • making decisions on the institution, alteration and cancellation of study programmes,
  • Implementation of appointment committees, deciding on appointments and putting forward proposals for bestowing the academic title »Professor«,
  • Passing of directives aimed at promoting equality, putting forward of plans to encourage women and electing the delegate for equality,
  • electing the delegate for the disabled,
  • advising on basic principles for equipping the University and allocation of resources,
  • advising on budget plans,
  • advising on fee regulations,
  • advising on the Präsidium’s annual report,
  • conferral of academic honours.