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Plastic Workshop


Opening Hours

Mon – Fri 10.00 – 17.00

The plastics workshop works together with HFBK students to develop specific solutions and possibilities for the realisation of their individual project plans. This could mean the building of models and moulds, product development to functioning model stage, or the addressing of a problem specific to material or process. Every semester, two introductory courses are offered in which practical and theoretical knowledge about the processing of artificial materials, their specific properties and the dangers involved in working with them are taught. Participation in an introductory course is a requirement for working in the workshop.

At present the following techniques and processes are available: building of an initial model in PU/PS foam and PU blocks as well as mould construction in FCM (Fibre-Composite Material), PU block materials and silicone rubber; the creation of laminates and sandwich structures in FCM; further casting and vacuum casting forms using PU, EP and UP resins as well as CNC cutting and CNC foam cutting, and manual working of artificial materials using machines: sawing, turning and drilling.