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The Materialverlag is an integral part of the HFBK Hamburg, incorporated into the Graphic Art/Typography/Photography department. This in-house press gives students and teachers the opportunity to publish limited print runs of their work results and research. The materialverlag has the character of a laboratory and is – like the integrated workshops – not intended for large-scale productions.

Publications can feature the results of individuals’ artistic work (artist books) and/or material relevant to the University community as well as to interests outside the University. Unlike workshop projects, publications must be of interest to individuals who are not involved in the process. The existing infrastructure of the teaching department (workshops, know-how, logistics) can be used for publications, but the Materialverlag depends on the participation and personal engagement of all those involved – especially the author and his/her supervisor.

Single projects must compete for the available resources; the publication plan for the following academic year is determined by an annual process. Individual projects included in the publication plan must be carried out within the year. From January 2008 there will be a monthly consultation slot for those needing guidance on developing new projects.