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»Freiräume« artist-in-residence programme

The artist-in-residence programme Freiräume (»Open Spaces«) initiated by Schaumburger Landschaft in cooperation with HFBK Hamburg aims to offer HFBK students and graduates a free space for their artistic activities. This rural location in the environs of Hannover presents an opportunity to spend two months intensively engaged in one’s own artistic work, away from one’s familiar surroundings and day-to-day obligations. Schaumburger Landschaft is a regional association for the promotion of regional culture, with the objective of advancing aspects of Schaumburg culture whilst combining tradition and modernity and incorporating new, unconventional influences. The artist-in-residence programme is being made available for the first time in 2018 in token of the spatial-historical connection between Hamburg and the Schaumberg region.

This artist-in-residence programme comes with 3,000 € to cover living costs, including working materials costs. It comprises:

  • A two-month residency from mid of July to the end of September 2020
  • A solo exhibition in October 2020
  • An accompanying publication

Costs for exhibition setup and technology, the accompanying publication, and advertising will be borne (within limits) by the Schaumburger Landschaft.

The artist-in-residence’s apartment is integrated into the Kesselhaus cultural centre in Lauenau. The studio is situated in the same location, in a renovated former restaurant with several rooms entirely available for use. Anyone interested in being the artist-in-residence should be ready to engage with the local art and cultural scene and to contact artists in the location. The scholarship is subject to a residency requirement.

The HFBK jury, elected annually by the senate of the HFBK with representatives of the group of professors, supplemented by one person from the group of academic staff and two student representatives, makes a pre-selection of 3 candidates from which the Schaumburger Landschaft selects one person for the award of the scholarship.


The following persons can apply: Bachelor students who have completed their fifth semester, Master students of any semester, and any graduate who graduated not more than 2 years ago.

Scholarship 2020

Judith Kisner

Scholarship 2019

Anna Mieves

Scholarship 2018

Magdalena Los


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