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Dr. Harald Falckenberg

Dr. Harald Falckenberg, Honorary Professor for Art Theory

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  • Phone: +49 40 42 89 89-0

The renowned author and collector of contemporary art Dr. Harald Falckenberg has been an honorary professor at the HFBK Hamburg since 2008 (as per § 17 HmbHG).

Harald Falckenberg (*1943) studied law in Berlin, Freiburg and Hamburg, completed his legal clerkship and assessor exams in Hamburg and gained a doctorate on international insurance law at the Universität Hamburg. He subsequently worked at the Universität Hamburg and the Freie Universität Berlin, first as a scientific assistant and later as a managing director and as a member of the Hamburger Verfassungsgericht (the Hamburg Constitutional Court).

Falckenberg has been chairman of the Hamburger Kunstverein since 1999. His collection, housed in the Phoenixhallen, led the US magazine »Artnews« to name him as one of the »World’s Top 200 Collectors«. He is a longstanding member of the Freundeskreis der HFBK.