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Photography Workshop (analogue and hybrid processes)


Black-and-white laboratory

Color photographic laboratory

The photography workshop (analogue and hybrid processes) helps students to develop an independent artistic working method for individual project work involving fine arts photography. It provides as wide as possible a spectrum of diverse analogue photographic processes, materials and combinations of materials so that students can find the right form for their own artistic projects through experimentation.

Knowledge and skills relating to camera technique, analogue lab work and hybrid analogue/digital processes that can be learned in the photography workshop include:

  • negative processing for all formats from small-format to 13 x 18 cm
  • positive processing in analogue black/white and colour enlargement up to maximum enlargements and fully finished fine art prints
  • transitions to printed photography, particularly artist books and inkjet prints
  • lighting and studio work
  • experimenting with how to present photography for a particular project

It is the specific intention of this workshop to reflect the spectrum of analogue photography and lab work, specific processing technique and materials and their artistic potential in the artistic production possibilities that it offers.