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CAD/3D Workshop


  • Alexander Stickler, Lecturer
  • Room:243
  • Phone: (0160) 90 38 25 68

In computer lab courses, basic and advanced knowledge in the areas of vector-based drawing, pixel-based image editing and 3D software will be made available to HFBK students. In addition, special courses will be offered concerned with alternating themes from, for instance, the areas of 3D rendering and typography. Students will be supported by advice accompanying projects in solving individual problems, for instance in the areas of compositing, 3D data exchange and 2D/3D animation.

As the possibilities of creative software are very diverse and in a dynamic state of development, interested students will be able to inform themselves about software which can be applied beyond standard software. In order not to learn the use of software in isolation, how the editing and creation of different programmes in the design process can be integrated with everyday working life will also be taught.