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Folgend* with BESS

30.6.2020, 18:00 Uhr
Folgend* with BESS

  • Venue:

  • HFBK, Lerchenfeld 2, Room 213 a/b

The lecture, and Q & A will be held in English
Moderated by Annett Stenzel

BESS works with primary music, then text, performance and visuals. She has a Bachelor degree in music as singer and composer from the Danish Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen and is in the midst of taking a master’s degree in Performance/ Contemporary Art Practice at the Royal College of Art.

BESS about herself: "Hi, I’m BESS, aka Crystal DiCaprio, Virginia Supreme and Bess Barkholt Andersen. I think a lot about gender, structural injustices in our societies’ systems, how to transform and re-energize the ways of thinking and putting things into action, in terms of building a better world and energy. Transformation of language and transformation of connotations connected to sound and it’s meanings and functionalities in the world. Commercialism versus art and the notion of creating meaning through form, aesthetics and bodily presences. Virginia Supreme is a character whom I built and still investigating. She’s the innocence of having seen no social structures as well as being maybe all structures at ones. She’s playing and putting on and off clothing, jewellery and accessories associated with the female gender.

My latest musical project is founded on the same thoughts that founded her, it’s about exploring how you can be free, transforming and confront and play with different unnecessary structures built around gender in our lives, as a female-identifying person, and as a person at large. I have not yet released this project, but I will play a piece from this work.

I will also read out loud excerpts from my text: Virginia Supreme says: ‘ ‘what is love? WHAT IS KNOWLEDGE’/ ARRRRRRRRRRRRT’.

Links to BESS work :