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The department of »Time-based Media« involves interdisciplinary engagement with various ways of working in time-based media, that is, working with video and sound, media installations and productions, interactive systems, design using digital media and innovative program creation. Interdisciplinary interconnections in productive, receptive and reflexive areas of time-based media will be researched and given expression.

The aim of study in the department »Time-based Media« is to develop a broad media-oriented research, development and design praxis which, aside from well-known and established techniques, media forms and formats (video, sound, media/net art, games etc.), emphasises innovative digital and interactive media as well as media hybrids.

Students in this department will gain competence in the area of time-based media as well as a professional approach to audiovisual culture’s products and artworks. Apart from the ability to orient themselves in the complex area of time-based media and to develop an individual position and an individual profile, students will gain know-how concerning design conception and working strategies, presentation and publication techniques, production, functional aesthetics and aesthetics of effect.


Branko Miliskovic, »Couvre-Feu«, Performance, 2013
Branko Miliskovic, »Couvre-Feu«, Performance, 2013