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The department of »Theory and History« includes aesthetics, design theory and history, art science, art theory and art history, cultural sciences and gender theory, media theory and philosophy. It offers an interdisciplinary approach to questions on the periphery of art and science, and is studied in combination with an artistic subject.

The Master study programme Theory and History will give students an opportunity to develop a theoretical and/or historical research project and to extend it according to their chosen theory. They will be able to gain experience by discussing this project in an artistic and cultural context and by presenting it in an appropriate way. Students can choose a theoretical project supported by their artistic work. In this case, a central thematic challenge will be to bring together the theoretical and practical elements of the project.

Students of this department must attend a class appropriate to their project for each semester. They will also receive support and advice from professors in colloquiums and individual supervisory meetings.

It is also possible to choose a research project that can later be expanded and converted into a doctorate.