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»Sculpture« includes all three-dimensional aesthetic creations: sculptures, other plastic artworks, installations, object art, concept art and performance. The aim of studying Sculpture is to establish one’s own independent artistic position and to learn to think critically about practical and conceptual questions in sculpture, both in the present and historically.

Students will expand their aesthetic, technical and theoretical knowledge by working in the university’s studios and workshops. They will learn how to create their own artistic development plans and how to turn them into reality. Study will be based around the student’s personal artistic development plan, and each student’s own artistic approach will be refined by a combination of practical and conceptual work. The classical fields of artistic creation, from conception to realisation, including understanding of form and colour and all their various modulations, will be the guiding principle.

Today, the possibilities for artistic expression are as diverse as the available technological possibilities. Additionally, the workshops for forms in plaster, ceramics, plastics, wood and metal will provide opportunities to work intensively with materials and shapes and with technical processes for implementing artistic ideas.

Apart from conceiving and realising artistic projects, this course of study involves presenting and communicating these projects in all the diverse arenas of the art world – both institutional and public. Students will improve their presentation and publication techniques. Besides the annual exhibition and the university’s gallery, cooperation with local and trans-regional exhibition institutions will provide plenty of opportunities to develop professional techniques.

The accompanying scientific education in art history, cultural sciences, art theory, media theory and aesthetic studies will extend students’ artistic experience and understanding of artistic issues. It will also provide them with knowledge of art history and theory, plus methodical skills which will help them to fully develop their own potential as artists.



Franz Dittrich (Master of Fine Arts 2013), »Rapport in Bewegung«, 2013

Franz Dittrich (Master 2013), »Rapport in Bewegung«, 2013