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The field of design is constantly changing. It is distinguished by its diversity, and it continues to expand. Accordingly, the »Design« department offers students the opportunity to explore the various processes of design in an open and experimental way. This is intended to enable students to pose new questions about the subject and to solve overarching artistic and technical problems of art production.  

This department aims to introduce students to the disciplines surrounding design, to support students in their individual artistic development and in defining a professional purpose for themselves, and to help them to become responsible creative individuals. At the centre of the study programme are the individual student’s intentions for theoretical and/or practical work. During the course of students’ chosen studies the development of these plans will be supervised in the different studios on an individual basis by tutors, with reference to product design, technical design and mediatecture. They will also be supported by theoretical and subject-based tuition. Learning about creative and technical possibilities for carrying out artistic ideas will mainly take place in the workshops for forming in plaster, glass, wood, ceramics, artificial materials, metalwork and fine metalwork.  

As well as the realization of artistic work, the course also deals with presenting and mediating art in the context of the various institutional and social fields available within the art business system. As well as gallery visits and annual exhibitions, the university´s own gallery also offers an opportunity to explore and discuss matters relating to presenting pictures and to their reception.  

Through the combination of creative, scientific and technical tuition, students will be enabled to gain creative artistic, scientific and art-theory-related, technical and practical skills. The aim is to be able to pose new questions and to solve overarching artistic and technical problems relating to design.


Ruben Faber, »AL99«, Aluminiumschaumleuchte, 2012
Ruben Faber, »AL99«, Aluminiumschaumleuchte, 2012