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Achievement Grant Awards »Matching Funds«

For foreign students pursuing a main course of study, two achievement grant awards (in German: Leistungsstipendien) have been made possible by co-financing by the DAAD and Karl H. Ditze Stiftung (»Matching Funds«).

Recipients of this grant award will receive 450 euros per month for a year.

Current call for applications:

  • Application period is usually in October,
    to be announced separately by [my HFBK] newsletter and on this page.

Latest Grant holders

Jesús Antonio Pulpón Jiménez
Martine Heuser

Shuchang Xie
Jeffrey Wallner
Carlos Enrique León Zambrano

Qianli Ma
Hana Kim
Jelena Markovic

Sohyun Jung
Maria Fernandez Gonzalez
Mitko Mitkov

Angela Anzi
Rosa Joly
Amy Lien/Enzo Camacho

Pablo Narezo
Yoojin Chang
Oliver Hannoun

Ida Lennartsson
Andonia Gischina



Mareike Stolley
Room 143
Tel.: +49 40 428989 - 247

Conditions for application

  1. Non-German BA students having completed their 4th semester, or MA-students.
  2. A completed application form must be submitted (available in room 142/143)
  3. Appraisal by a professor

Applicants must present a selection of their work to the AG Internationales, which decides the granting of the award.