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Information for the First Semester

Dear Newcomers,

Welcome to the HFBK, the Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg! In the hope that your first days at our University will not be too confusing and that you will soon be able to throw yourself into your studies with spirit and enthusiasm, some information and recommendations to start with are provided below.

Important dates!

You must enroll before 15 August. To do this, all your documents must be given in to the HFBK. This happens at the beginning of every semester, but after the first semester it is called re-registration.

Introductory Meeting for Bachelor Students
Information on the organisation of the Bachelor study programme »Fine Arts«

Introductory Meeting for Master Students
Information on the organisation of the Master study programme »Fine Arts«

  • M.F.A. Design, Film, Graphic Art/ Typography/ Photography, Painting/ Drawing, Sculpture, Stage Design, Theory and History, Time-based Media
    Mon, 9.10.2017 – 14.00 h – Lerchenfeld 2, room 229
  • M.E. Teacher education
    Wed, 11.10.2017 – 13:00 h – Lerchenfeld 2, room 229

First Department Meetings
for Bachelor and Master students.
It is important that you attend this meeting so that you can be assigned core practical courses.

Central Meeting: Setting-up of starter classes 

  • Wed, 11.10.2017 – 14.00 h – Wartenau 15, 3rd floor
    It is vital that you attend this meeting for all beginners (first semester) in the Bachelor study programmes, where you will be assigned to the different classes.

Semester Opening Ceremony

Welcome Gathering for International Students
Tue, 10.10.2017 – 11.00 h – Lerchenfeld 2, room 11
The international office would like to welcome all international and ERASMUS students at HFBK Hamburg. We will provide you with useful information regarding your studies at HFBK, answer your questions and afterwards show you around the university.

First Years' Trip for Bachelor Students
The new starter classes (in groups of 2 classes) spend 4 days
each in the Falsterhus in Denmark.
20.23. November: Prof. Julia Lohmann + Prof. Katharina Pethke
23.26. November: Prof. Achim Hoops + Prof. Annika Larsson
26.29. November: Prof. Geelke Gaycken + Prof. Heike Mutter

German language course
International HFBK students as well as Erasmus exchange students are invited to join the German language courses. Please sign in as early as possible!

Flow of Information

You can (and indeed must) structure your Fine Arts studies freely. This is entirely your own responsibility. There is no fixed timetable. However, students in their 1. and 2. semesters will receive intensive »beginners’ help«.

Mailing list [my HFBK]
First of all you should sign in to the student mailing list. You will be e-mailed study relevant information, deadlines for grant awards, and important announcements (partly in English, but most in German language).

Notices pinned to partition walls and notice boards are vital for short-term information. Every department has its own preferred information walls, which you should be able to find quickly.

Lecture timetable
This is essential. The up-to-date lecture timetable is downloadable 
about 2 weeks before the semester begins and will also be published on CampusNet.

The »Lerchenfeld« newsletter is printed in German only. It gives an extensive overview of University events. The latest copy can be found in the entrance area of the HFBK’s main building. The best way to keep up to date is to subscribe free to the PDF version.

Study and examination regulations
Please read carefully the current edition of the study and examination regulations that apply to you.

University opening times
Because you choose your own time for working on projects, these are important for you. You can read about this here »

Your contact data
Student life is unsettled at times – PLEASE always tell us about any change of address, new email addresses or telephone numbers immediately!! This is in your own interests – it’s the only way you can be sure not to miss any information vital for your studies. Giving your contact details to the Students Office is quick and easy.

Other useful information

Semester ticket
All students are automatically given the reduced season ticket for the HVV, the local public transport system for Hamburg. This is sent together with your documents after signing up.

The Mensa
You can find good food at subsidised prices at any time of day in the Mensa in the basement of the main building at Lerchenfeld 2.

The AStA
The general student committee represents the interests of HFBK students. New committee members are chosen every two semesters. You can learn more at the AStA office in Room 41. 
The AStA usually arranges a meeting to welcome new students in the first week. Look out for notices about this.

In the so-called non-lecture period (at Christmas, in spring and in summer) you will still be working on your projects, uninterrupted by classes and seminars, but you will have to take the HFBK building’s restricted opening times into account.

Students Office
The students office in the building at Wartenau 15 is your first point of contact for everything: study matters, examination questions etc. Information from the Student Union can be found there with contacts etc.

Talk to people!

One important tip: start a conversation with anyone who looks like they know what’s going on. Ask questions and swap experiences. All the other newcomers will surely be feeling just the same as you and will most likely be pleased if you make the first move.