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Sculpture can be broadly defined as any aesthetic form in 3 dimensions. The »Sculpture« department’s aim is to lay the foundations for an independent artistic position and to provide guidance for reflection on theoretical and practical questions about sculpture in the present day and in the past. In addition to this, it follows the HFBK's interdisciplinary approach to study by addressing the related disciplines of Time-based Media and Painting.

Academic Staff

Telephone Number +49 (0) 40 428 989 + phone-ext.
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Demand, Thomas - 0 Professor für
Distelmeyer, Jochen - 0 Gastprofessor im SSP
Gaycken, Geelke -332 Professorin für
Bühnenraum, Bildhauerei, (Grundlagen)
Oehmann, Felix - 0 Lehrbeauftragter
Bildhauerei, (Grundlagen)
Slominski, Andreas - 0 Professor für
Stadtbäumer, Pia - 0 Professorin für


Malte Stienen, »Untitled (Angst)«, 2013, Ausstellungsansicht
Malte Stienen, »Untitled (Angst)«, 2013, Ausstellungsansicht