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All international applicants are most welcome to send their portfolio to the HFBK Hamburg!

The application and selection process for the Master study programme is practically the same for foreigners as it is for German applicants. There are however some additional documents to be submitted, such as translations of certificates, and the proof of proficiency in the German language.

Please pursue the following steps.



For formal matters, such as required documents and procedures:
Service Office
Room 01 / 03, Wartenau 15
Tel.: +49 40 428989 - 270 / - 335 / - 269

For questions on the content of the application:
Susanne Dudda
Room 210
Tel.: +49 40 428989 - 264


  1. Study Guidelines for the Master study programme »Fine Arts«
  2. Examination Regulations for the Master study programme »Fine Arts«