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The general Hochschulreife (higher education entrance qualification) or an equal preparatory qualification recognised by the agency responsible is required to be admitted to the Bachelor study programme »Fine Arts« with the degree title Bachelor of Fine Arts. Applicants without the general Hochschulreife showing outstanding artistic ability may also be admitted.  

A selection commission will assess the presence of exceptional artistic ability by examining an application portfolio submitted by the applicant (for those who have completed the Abitur, e.g. high school graduates) or outstanding artistic ability (for applicants who have not completed the Abitur or other university entrance qualifications).




For formal matters, such as required documents and procedures:
Service Office
Room 01 / 03, Wartenau 15
Tel.: +49 40 428989 - 270 / - 335 / - 269

For questions on the content of the application:
Susanne Dudda
Room 210
Tel.: +49 40 428989 - 264


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