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Welcome to HFBK — the University of Fine Arts of Hamburg, Germany

The Hochschule für bildende Künste (HFBK) is an institution of higher artistic and scientific education. With its wide range of subjects, the HFBK offers the opportunity to study for interdisciplinary artistic and scientific qualifications. Students work in studios and are extensively supported by art and science tutors in seminars and in individual and group tutorials... /more

The social network site is an experiment in maximizing the potential of the Internet for the special situation of an art university, and for translating analogue into digital.

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Artistic and Cultural Orientation

The pre-study program for asylum seekers and refugees at HFBK Hamburg has started with a two-week language course. About 20 participants join the program.

Study Application

The 2016 application period has ended. You will find your notification of acceptance or rejection in your CampusNet account by the end of April at the latest.

Graduate Program »Aesthetics of the Virtual«

HFBK Hamburg is offering places to ten doctoral students as of January 2015 as part of a three-year graduate program. It allows not only for academic doctorates but also the kind of PhDs in which the artistic aspect plays a major role.

HFBK Hamburg launched international »Art School Alliance«

In 2010 started off the international exchange program, founded on the initiative of the HFBK Hamburg and the Alfred Toepfer Stiftung F.V.S. It allows 12 international art students a year to live and study in Hamburg without paying rent or study fees. In exchange, up to 12 HFBK students may... /more

Master of Fine Arts at HFBK Hamburg

In 2008, the University of Fine Arts (HFBK) Hamburg introduced the »Master of Fine Arts«, a unique degree course within the German art academy scene. Artists already holding a university degree are here given the unique opportunity of further enhancing their artistic and practical profile at an advanced specialist and academic level. The interdisciplinary degree encompasses all of the artistic and theoretical subjects, such as painting, sculpture, mixed media, film, photography, design, graphic art, stage design, art theory, and art history... /more


Dates | Openings | Events

04.05.2016 - 07.05.2016
What Time Is It on the Clock of the World*
Location: HFBK Hamburg, Kampnagel, Stadtraum Hamburg

International Festival Feminism and Public Space
mit Alice Peragine, Johannes Paul Raether u.a.

05.05.2016 - 07.05.2016
Geisterbahn. Musiktheater von Kommando Himmelfahrt
Location: Kampnagel, Hamburg

Niedervolthoudini (Carl-John Hoffmann), Eylien König u.a.

05.05.2016 - 10.05.2016
62. Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen

Marlene Denningmann »Wunschkonzert«, Sarah Draht »Telefon Santrali«, Jelena Markovic »Durch«, Paul Spengemann »Philosophieren« u.a.

07.05.2016 - 16.00 Uhr
Sequenzen aus 50 Millionen Konstellationen
Location: Kunstverein Harburger Bahnhof, Hamburg

Jens Franke u.a.
Finissage der Ausstellungsfolge zum Abschluss des Arbeitsstipendiums der Freien und Hansestadt Hamburg 2015
mit einer Buchpräsentation von Verena Issel

07.05.2016 - 19.00 Uhr
Die Epilog Nr. 5: Hätte, könnte, wollte – Leben im Konjunktiv
Location: HEFT, Karolinenstraße 2a (Hinterhof), Hamburg

auf Einladung von Ina Römling und Torben Körschkes
20 Uhr Lesung