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250 Years of HFBK Hamburg

HFBK Hamburg celebrates its 250th anniversary

July 11–16, 2017

Founded by the Patriotische Gesellschaft (Patriotic Society) in 1767 as Germany’s first vocational training school for the improvement of artistic drawing, the Hochschule für bildende Künste will celebrate 250 years of existence this summer.

To mark the occasion, in a week of celebrations on July 11–16, 2017, we are going to look at two central aspects of the HFBK Hamburg: the international network, and artistic research. Aside from a variety of symposia discussing current themes in research, the central focus will be on the artistic projects by professors and students in an exchange with international partner universities within the Art School Alliance. Additionally, graduation work by around 130 up-and-coming artists will be presented at this year’s Graduate Show.

You are cordially invited to come and see, to be inspired and to celebrate!

Tuesday, July 11

11.00–16.30 h, venue: Lerchenfeld 2, Aula
Individuality/Dividuation: An Epistemological Perspective
Symposium with Martin Burckhardt, Rey Chow, Thomas Keenan, Gordon Knox
Idea + concept: Michaela Ott

17.00–22.00 h, different venues
O Superman
Symposium (part 1) with Laurie Anderson, Michael Diers, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Wim Wenders
Idea + concept: Michael Diers, Luise Donschen, Wim Wenders

Wednesday, July 12

11.30–22.00 h, venue: Lerchenfeld 2, Aula
O Superman
Symposium (part 2) with Barbara Albert, Laurie Anderson, Michael Baute, Monica Bonvicini, Adam Broomberg, Thomas Demand, Peter Geimer, Thomas Heise, Ulrike Pfeiffer, Philipp Ruch, Angela Schanelec, Beat Wyss u.a.
Idea + concept: Michael Diers, Luise Donschen, Wim Wenders

22.00 h, venue: Lerchenfeld 2, Mensa-Vorraum
1 Night in Paname
Music and performance programme with Mikey Boy, Daniel Hopp, Utz Biesemann, Joey Bargeld, Tizian Baldinger, Marija Petrovic, Sophie Schweighart, Ronja Zschoche, Wassili Franco, Sprite Eyez, Cri$py C et al,
curated by Carina Lüschen

Thursday, July 13

11.00–13.00 h, venue: Hamburg city hall
Senate Reception*
Official ceremonial act and reception by Second Mayor and Senator for Science, Research, and Equal Rights of the City of Hamburg, Katharina Fegebank. Keynote speakers are Franz Erhard Walther and Jonathan Meese, artistic contribution by Annika Kahrs.
(by invitation only)

16.00–18.00 h, venue: Lerchenfeld 2, HFBK-Galerie
Library for Social Design
Lecture and discussion with Tim Parsons, Liora Rosin
Chair: Friedrich von Borries

19.00 h, venue: Finkenau 42
Art School Alliance @ work
Presentations of the HFBK and the ASA partners from Boston, Buenos Aires, Chicago, Hangzhou, Jerusalem, London, Los Angeles, New Haven, New York, Osaka, Paris, San Francisco, Shanghai, Wien
Cooking performance by Kitchen Guerilla

19.00 h, venue: Lerchenfeld 2, Aula-Vorhalle
HFBK Graduate Show
Opening with awarding of the coveted Karl H. Ditze Prize for the best final work

Exhibition July 14–16, 2017
Venues: Lerchenfeld 2, Wartenau 15, Finkenau 42

Friday, July 14

14.00–20.00 h, venue: Lerchenfeld 2, Aula
Survival rate 4% – Current reports from the art academy
Symposium with Diedrich Diederichsen, Walter Grasskamp, Annette Tietenberg, Wolfgang Ullrich, Bettina Uppenkamp
Idea + concept: Werner Büttner

Saturday, July 15

11.00–17.00 h, venue: Lerchenfeld 2, Aula
Mapping (with) Plants
Symposium with Marie-Luise Angerer, Jimmie Durham, Petra Lange-Berndt, Sara Lindeborg, Pia Rönicke
Idea + concept: Hanne Loreck

Sunday, July 16

18.00 h, venue: Fabrique im Gängeviertel, Valentinskamp 34a, 1st floor
ACO Final Cooking
Talk with students of the Artistic and Cultural Orientation program
Participants: Sultan Alawar, Remi Alkhiami, Rabea Alsayed, Frieder Bohaumilitzky, Nurguel Dursun, Valid Ehrar, Paula Erstmann, Filomeno Fusco, Hasan Hamsho, Konstanze Eßmann, Arman Marzak, Ina Römling, Firas Sabbagh, Roshan Shikh Saleh, Summer Sormani und Tilman Walther


All events – except for the senate reception – can be attended free of charge and without previous registration. Most are held in English; all German lectures will be interpreted simultaneously into English.

* closed group of participants



250 Years of HFBK Hamburg.

250 Years of HFBK Hamburg
July 11–16, 2017

Kindly supported by

  1. the Hamburg authority of Science, Research, and Equal Rights
  2. Alfred Toepfer Stiftung F.V.S. foundation
  3. Hubertus Wald foundation
  4. Karl H. Ditze  foundation
  5. Leinemann-Stiftung für Bildung und Kunst foundation
  6. Rudolf Augstein foundation